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Arctic & Antarctic

Rhythmic Variability of Climate in Polar Regions due to Planetary Interactions   NEW! 

A. Dimitriev, V. Belyazo :: isbn 978-0-9847864-0-4 :: $125.00 
Catalogs Companion (PDF) :: isbn 978-0-9847864-1-1 :: $59
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Ice Phenomena Threatening Arctic Shipping
Y. Mironov, et al.
© 2012 Backbone Publishing Co. isbn 978-0-9847864-2-8
Hardcover :: 7.5"x10" :: 197pages :: 125 figs. 

Atlas of Antarctic Sea Ice and Icebergs
A.A. Romanov, Edited by A. Tunik :: isbn 0-9644311-6-5 :: $245.00 (was US$495.00)
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Atlas of Arctic Icebergs: The Greenland, Barents, Kara, Laptev,
East-Siberian and Chuckchi Seas, and the Arctic Basin

Dr. V.Abramov :: isbn 0-9644311-4-9 :: US$195.00
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Atlas of Ice and Snow of the Arctic Basin and Siberian Shelf Seas
I.P. Romanov, Edited by A. Tunik :: isbn 0-9644311-3-0
US$695.00 book only :: Raw Data CD: US$15.00, with book only (was $95.00)
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Northern Sea Route Directory of Icebreaking Ships: A Reference
for Arctic & Antarctic Transport & Offshore Industries

Edited by A. Tunik :: isbn 0-9644311-0-6 :: SALE PRICE US$99.00 (was $280)
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