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Atlas of Ice and Snow of the Arctic Basin and Siberian Shelf Seas

by I.P. Romanov, Edited by A. Tunik.
isbn 0-9644311-3-0
US$695.00 book only :: $710.00 book with raw data CD
©1996 :: Hardbound :: 496 pages :: 11"x17" :: 250 charts

The Atlas is absolutely unique. Its uniqueness and value stem from the detailed
information provided on many key characteristics of Arctic sea ice never before
available in such amount from any source in the public domain*, even at the present

time when remote sensing is still unable to record as many characteristics as humans
can. The Atlas also contains a monograph, which summarizes Dr. Romanov's profound
insight into dynamic processes in drifting sea ice and its morphological transformations.

The data plotted in the charts are listed below, with underline marking information

Note about the author

The author, Dr. Ilia P. Romanov (1927-1995) of AARI spent a major part of his professional life in the Arctic Ocean, collecting statistical data on Arctic ice and processing them between long field seasons.

hardly available from other published sources.
- Dynamics of sea ice drift and formation of oceanic ice massifs
- Summary of meteorological characteristics
- Seasonal changes in Arctic sea ice, melting rates, dates of major freezing/thawing
phases, water openings in ice
- Ice age/thickness distributions and probabilities, total and partial ice concentrations,
ice thicknesses in Siberian shelf seas in 1982-86, ice edges and partial ice
concentration boundaries in 1972-80
- Distributions and probabilities of ice ridges and their sail width and height, sail heights
and widths in shelf seas in 1983-86, keel drafts and their probabilities, area coverage,
sizes of ice pieces within ridges, multi-year ice hills, belts of ice ridges, stamookhas
- Sizes and distributions of ice fields of monolithic multi-year ice, first-year ice,
polynias, breccial ice fields; sizes of ice fields in shelf seas in 1983-86
- Distributions of snow depth on level ice, ridges and multi-year ice hills, snow tongues
and sastrugies
- Navigation of ships in the Arctic Ocean and adjacent seas
- Operation of aircraft in the Arctic, probability of finding landing fields for various types
airplanes and the life span of runways on sea ice, statistics of flight-restricting weather

A large portion of the database used for this atlas is the only existing source of
information about sea ice in the Arctic Basin and continental shelf seas collected
systematically for almost six decades, beginning with 1930's. The most systematic and
extensive observation data had been acquired during the 1960's-80's AARI's High
Latitude Airborne Annual Expeditions Sever [North], POLEX (1972-81) and North Pole
Drifting Stations.

Processed data used for plotting the charts in cells of 100x100 km grid over the entire
Arctic Ocean and shelf seas are available as an electronic data file with the purchase of
the Atlas only, for years 1972 to 1983. Data file is not available separately from the
book. PC format only, text-delimited.

* some fragmented information can, however, be found in separate scientific
publications scattered in journals and conference proceedings