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The Hydrodynamics of Cavitating Flows 

A.G. Terentiev, I.N. Kirschner, J.S. Uhlman :: isbn 978-09742019-9-3 :: US$264.00

Arc Welding of Aluminum and Magnesium Alloys

V.R. Ryabov, V.I. Ryazantsev :: isbn 0-9644311-7-3 :: US$139.00
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Fatigue Analysis of Ship Structures
S.V. Petinov :: isbn 0-9644311-8-1 :: US$139.00
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Handbook on Plastic Analysis in Engineering
Leonid Belenkiy :: isbn 0-9742019-2-8 :: US$299
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Multi-Hull Ships
V. Dubrovsky, A. Lyakhovitsky :: isbn 09644311-2-2 :: US$259.00
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Cylindrical Shell Foundations 
by A.Y. Pronozin and D.A. Garber :: isbn 978-09742019-8-6 :: US$99.00
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Reliability of Structures: Analysis and Applications
by V. Raizer :: isbn 978-09742019-7-9 :: US$119.00
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Shallow Water and Supercritical Ships
A. Lyakhovitsky :: isbn 978-09742019-5-5 :: US$156.00
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Ships with Outriggers
V. Dubrovsky :: isbn 0-9742019-0-1 :: US$95
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Small Waterplane Area Ships
V. Dubrovsky, K. Matveev, S. Sutulo :: isbn 978-09742019-3-1 :: US$149.00
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Welding Stress Relief By Explosion Treatment
V. G. Petushkov, Yu. I. Fadeenko :: isbn 09644311-1-4 :: US$149.00
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