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Reliability of Structures

by V. Raizer
isbn 978-09742019-7-9
US$119.00 :: ©2009
Hardbound :: 7.5"x10"
146 pages :: 72 figures :: 88 references

This monograph presents the resulting formulations of the theory of reliability and their
applications in the probability-based structural analysis and the development of rules,
codes and standards.

The book is written to familiarize the reader with the applied techniques of probabilistic
design. An emphasis is given to the basic principles of structural safety and the limit
state methods in the form of partial factors and their development. Reliability
assessment of manufactured structures is analyzed versus that of representative test
specimens and models. Classification of loads and actions and their combinations are
discussed in detail, as well as evaluation of acceptable and optimal levels of risk in
structural engineering. Special attention is given to assessing the effect of corrosion in
reliability analysis and to applications of probabilistic methods to unique structures and
extremely rare and severe disastrous events. The key issues are discussed using
specific examples of reliability assessment and probabilistic design of different
structures in civil engineering.

The book contents eleven chapters, references and subject and name indices.
Ch.1. Safety Factor and Reliability Index.
Ch.2. Risk Evaluation in Structural Engineering (acceptable risk and models of public
Ch.3. Optimal Probabilistic Design (optimization of reliability index and structural
Ch.4. Systems and Components (parallel and in-series connections of brittle and ductile
components and their ranking).
Ch.5. Evaluation of Failure Probability (the second-moment, hot point, Monte-Carlo, and
simulation methods, as well as direct integration of distribution function).
Ch.6. Properties of Materials (statistical control, Bayes approach for analyzing the
mechanical properties and smoothing of experimental data).
Ch.7. Loads and their Combinations (classification, statistical models, extreme loads,
and the Markov process).
Ch.8. Buckling and Vibration (effects of imperfections and dynamic load).
Ch.9. Reliability of Corroding Structures (different corrosion types and distributions).
Ch.10. Reliability Assessment of Existing Structures (principles and criteria).
Ch.11. Natural Disasters and Structural Survivability (prediction problems, statistical
safety criteria of unique structures, survivability).

The author is an internationally recognized expert in the field of reliability analysis and
development of both Russian national and international (ISO and other) codes on
reliability analysis and probabilistic loading of structures.

The book is addressed to specialists involved in structural design and reliability
assessment of a wide range of engineering structures in civil, offshore, marine,
mechanical, aircraft & space, and transportation industries, research organizations,
universities, and regulatory agencies.