Chronicles Of A Jewish Family

by Irukhim Smotkin isbn 0-9742019-6-0 / 978-09742019-6-2 US$15.00 :: ©2008 Softbound :: 267 pages :: 6"x9"ATTENTION: THIS TITLE IS IN RUSSIANThis memoir describes the life of Jews during a dark period of Soviet rule. The author, born in 1915 in a Jewish Shtetl in Belorus, recall his own life and the life of those from his generation who were subjected to the most bloodthirsty regimes of Industrial age: communism and fascism. The author was fortunate to survive mass repressions, terror, and wars. With vivid details made possible by his phenomenal memory, he describes the lives of those close to him as well as many others. None of the names or events in this memoir are fictional. The author's own recollections are presented in the context of the general political and military

events in the USSR and throughout the world.