Human Energy Field

Study with GDV Bioelectrographyby Dr. Konstantin Korotkov isbn 0-9644311-9-X US$29.00 :: ©2002 Hardbound :: 352 pages :: 7.5"x10"The monograph describes the scientific foundation of the Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) technique - the new revolutionary method of studying the biological organisms and their energy fields. The human energy field contains information on physical, mental, and spiritual states of human being. Based on the modern technologies, the GDV bioelectrography is the world-first method to study this information.Table of Contents Ch.1 Introduction on GDV technique. Part I. PRACTICE.Ch.2 BEO GDV Analysis (protocol, principles of recording and analyzing GDV-grams, BEO-grams, separation of psychological and physical energy fields, estimates of anxiety and stress, right-left correlations, measurements of the energetics of Chakras,

measuring the influence of mental processes on human energy field, influence of

individuals, effect of perspiration,, testing of medication and substances, GDV therapy.

Ch.3 Dependence of GDV parameters on age (entropy of biological organisms,

BEO-gram characteristics of ages, children and youths, adualts, and elderly, transition

to the end of physical life, posthumous state.

Ch.4 Examples of GDV analysis.


Ch.5 Medicine (results and prospects of GDV bioelectrography applications, bronchial

asthma patients, health quality evaluations).

Ch.6 Consciousness study (bioelectrography correlation with direct vision phenomenon,

influence of consciousness on the processes in the material world).

Ch.7 Sport (evaluation of the psycho-physical fitness of athletes based on GDV


Ch.8 Testing Liquids (distilled water characteristics, time dynamics of gas discharge

around liquid drops).


Ch.9 Physical approach.

Ch.10 Biophysical approach.

Ch.11 Mind-body connections.

Ch.12 Oriental philosophy and medical approach.

Ch.13 Entropy-synrgetic approach.

Ch.14 Fields of biological subjects.

Ch.15 Essay on consciousness.


Ch.16 Studies of GDV parameters of various materials (water, homeopathic solutions

information-coded medicines, blood, urine, other biological liquids, plants, foods,

minerals and precious stones).

Ch.17 Stability and reproducibility of GDV-graphy data.

Ch.18 GDV camera design.

Ch.19 GDV software.

Ch.20 "Quantum-Health" system of health analysis.

Bibliography. Glossary. Index.