Light After Life

A scientific journey into the spiritual worldby Dr. Konstantin Korotkov isbn 0-9644311-5-7 US$15.00 :: ©1998 Softbound :: 186 pages :: 6"x9"The author presents experimental results on human post-mortal activity, based on his work at the St.Petersburg Biomedical Engineering Center. The goal was to use a modification of the Kirlian Photography to search for a meaningful correlation between the cause of depth and the pattern of energy activity after death. Such correlation is found and discussed both of traditional medical precepts and of established religious,

artistic, and spiritual understanding of the meaning of death. This is an insightful,

thorough, and thoroughly presented treatment of the subject.

Part I covers the techniques, assumptions, and equipment, as well as experimental

results in their raw form. Part II explores the possible meaning of experimental results

in vivid, imaginative literary language. Dr. Korotkov, who is conversant in the

treatment of death by Tibetan Book of the Dead, the Christian Bible, and Talmudic

texts, as well as more modern works by the likes of Moody, Grof, Woodroff, Jung, and

Steiner, ties their ideas to his experimental results and personal brushes with

near-death situations to arrive at enlightening and significant conclusions. His personal

recollections are also fascinating.