Atlas of Arctic Icebergs

The Greenland, Barents, Kara, Laptev, East-Siberian and Chuckchi Seas, and the Arctic Basin

By Dr. V. Abramov

isbn 0-9644311-4-9 :: Softbound 78 pages 37 charts, 13 tables, 20 diagrams

US$195.00 :: 11"x8.5" :: ©1996

This title is the result of a pioneering search for long-existing but otherwise unavailable information stored in archives and buried in old unprocessed reports, sometimes under lock and key, dating back to 1881. Main body of data comes from ice reconnaissance flights, shipboard logs, oceanographic expeditions and coastal/island observation stations. Approximately 80,000 records were processed and mapped. The Atlas contains charts of iceberg calving regions, monthly distributions, probabilities, southern extent of icebergs, morphological characteristics and statistical data for all the Arctic regions stretching from Spitzbergen and Franz Joseph Land via the Siberian Archipelagos to DeLong Islands, and from the Greenland Sea to the Chuckchi Sea.