Northern Sea Route Directory of Icebreaking Ships

Edited by Alfred Tunik

©1996 :: ISBN#0-9644311-0-6 Soft cover :: 8.5"x11" :: 218 pages.

The Northern Sea Route Directory is a reference listing nearly 750 ice-capable ships. Directory includes ships' technical information, statistics on the world icebreaking fleet, and a list of helpful organizations and literature. The scope of Directory covers: all Icebreakers, except fishing, port, shallow-river and small lake ships; virtually all ships strengthened to and above Baltic ice class A, Russian ice class L1, and a majority of their non-Russian equivalents. Ships are indexed by name, type, and ice class. Information includes: - bow shape - upper deck/side/section views

  • Cargo capacity & handling equipment
  • Ice propulsion capability
  • Propulsion system features
  • Maneuvering features
  • Dimensions
  • Tonnage
  • Draft
  • Displacement
  • Deadweight
  • Power
  • Bollard thrust,
  • Speed
  • Range
  • Modifications
  • Others