Arc Welding of Aluminum and Magnesium Alloys

by Vladimir R. Ryabov

Vladimir I. Ryazantsev isbn 0-9644311-7-3 US$139.00

Cloth Hardbound 160 pages :: 7x9" :: ©1998

The monograph details aspects of welding technology and provides an insight into metallurgical processes and their effects on properties of welded joints for a wide range of alloys, including advanced alloys and composites. It is intended for industrial engineers and designers of welded structures, research staff, professors and graduate students.

  • Chapter 1. Introduction and a general classification of the alloys.
  • Chapter 2. Discussion of the mechanical and chemical processes of the pre-welding surface preparation techniques.
  • Chapter 3. Arc welding of aluminum-based alloys.
  • Chapter 4. Mechanical properties of welded joints.
  • Chapter 5. Arc welding of magnesium-based alloys. In these three chapters the metallurgical processes and formation of joints during welding of Al and Mg based alloys is discussed in detail. Special attention is given to welding of alloys containing Beryllium and Lithium, and to welding of dissimilar alloys, i.e. metals based on the same base metal but with different alloying components - topics rarely addressed in other publications.
  • Chapter 6. Application of polymer coatings for reducing stress concentration, increasing fatigue strength and extending the service life of welded joints.
  • Chapter 7. Explanation of advanced techniques of welding composite materials and thermal processes during this welding.
  • Chapter 8. Discussion of the complex technology of assembly and welding performed on microprocessor-based systems as well as the welding equipment and accessories for automated quality welding. Included are recommendations for organization of production and design of welded joints of aluminum and magnesium alloys.
  • Chapter 9. Quality control.
  • Chapter 10. Accident prevention.
  • References.
  • Appendix.