Cylindrical Shell Foundations

by A.Y. Pronozin and D.A. Garber

isbn 978-09742019-8-6 US$99.00 :: ©2011

Hardbound :: 7"x10" 120 pages ::86 figures :: 106 references

Discussed in this book are main problems of design and stress analysis of shell foundations for industrial and residential buildings and structures. The shell foundations considered here constitute a relatively new type of foundation structures which became possible thanks to new non-metallic composite materials highly resistant to aggressive media. Great deal of attention is paid to design and applications of gently sloping reinforced shells and shell membranes responding predominantly by tensile stresses as a vital part of continuous foundations. Analytical and computational models are discussed in detail for cylindrical shells on different types of soil grounds. The book contents seven chapters, list of references, subject index.

  • Ch.1. Shell Foundations in Buildings and Structures.
  • Ch.2. Gently Sloping Cylindrical Shell Foundations.
  • Ch.3. Analysis of Binary Shell Foundations Ignoring Shell/Membrane Friction.
  • Ch.4. Analysis of Binary Shell Foundations with Shell/Membrane Friction Taken into Account.
  • Ch.5. Experimental Study of Binary Shell Foundations.
  • Ch.6. Construction and Efficiency.
  • Ch.7. Conclusions. References. Subject Index.

The authors are professors at the Tyumen State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering. They are directly involved in design, analysis and construction of shell foundations.

The book is addressed to specialists and managers involved in application, design, stress analysis, economic efficiency estimates, and planning of different variants of shell foundations on a wide range of soils, including soft soils. It is a useful aid to senior undergraduates and graduate students, instructors and professors of civil engineering universities. It is also a helpful reference source for design offices, technical libraries, and consulting experts.