Ships with Outriggers

by V. Dubrovsky

isbn 0-9742019-0-1 US$95 :: ©2004 Softbound :: 88 pages 7"x10" :: 97 figs

This book is focused on a specific group of multi-hull ship having one or more small hulls, called outriggers, connected to a much larger main hull of any form. This book can be used effectively as a supplement to the recently published Multi-Hull Ships by Dubrovsky & Lyakhovitsky (MHS). In the short period after this book was published, recent advances in multi-hull ship technology demonstrated the great potentials of ships with outriggers. This fact coupled with the emergence of considerable amount of specific data unavailable at the time of MHS publication, prompted its principal author to present the new book, Ships with Outriggers. As all general theory of multi-hull ships was already presented in MHS, Ships with Outriggers is compacted mainly with the data relevant to these ships, assuming that the reader is more or less familiar with the background or can find it in other sources, including MHS. Like MHS, this book is arranged in the same order and format. It provides detailed technical discussions in the fields where new information is plentiful and some notes where it is scarce.

  • Chapter 1. Introduction with definition and technology development milestones.
  • Chapter 2. General arrangement and hydrostatics.
  • Chapter 3. Resistance and propulsion in still water.
  • Chapter 4. Seakeeping and performance in waves.
  • Chapter 5. Notes on maneuverability.
  • Chapter 6. Notes on strength and external loads.
  • Chapter 7. Design features.

Appendix with 28 plots of main hull/outrigger interaction coefficient.